Thursday September 23, 2010

Archbishop Accuses Pro-Abortion Government Officials of ‘Crimes Against Humanity’

By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman, Latin America Correspondent

SAN JUAN DE CUYO, Argentina, September 23, 2010 ( – The leader of the Catholic archdiocese of San Juan de Cuyo, Argentina, is accusing pro-abortion and anti-family politicians in his country of “crimes against humanity,” warning that their actions will be remembered by the people.

Archbishop Alfonso Delgado made the comments during the ordination of three priests and five deacons in the archdiocesan cathedral on September 9. The ordination, which was attended by an estimated 3,500 people, was the first of that size in 25 years, according to Jeanne Smits writing for

In what one journalist called a “high voltage” sermon, Delgado denounced abortion as “permission to kill” and a “crime against humanity, promoted by the institutions of government” – an apparent reference to a recent attempt by officials of the Ministry of Health to create an official norm for non-punishable abortions.

Delgado also blasted the Argentinean government for the recent creation of homosexual “marriage,” referring to “aggressions against the family, which arises from a profound union of a man and a woman for a plan of love that seeks to last forever.”

“That is how it is written in the nature of things,” he added. “Real marriage can only be between a man and a woman. If the laws that man makes say something else, this written piece of paper does not change the true nature of things.”

Denouncing the legislators who “set themselves against the people that elected them,” he warned that the people will know how to remember this aggression when the moment arrives.”

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