Archbishop Chaput: The Time for Behind-The-Scenes Diplomacy with Politicians Is Over

By John-Henry Westen

  NEW MEXICO, June 21, 2007 ( - At a meeting of US Catholic Bishops in New Mexico this week, Denver Archbishop Charles Chaput spoke with the Associated Press about dealing with Catholic pro-abortion politicians in the upcoming 2008 election.  "I think being more aggressive, more assertive doesn’t in any way violate the principles we have to follow," said the Archbishop, referring to laws regulating involvement of charitable institutions in politics.

  In his remarks to AP Chaput noted that revisions were necessary in the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops document on Catholic involvement in politics, called Faithful Citizenship.  He said that the current wording has failed to stress the primacy of abortion, that it is a "foundational" issue.  The current document, he said, has been "used by Democrats who want to downplay the issue of abortion because of their party politics."

  According to AP the document is up for revision in November.

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