MEXICO CITY, February 29, 2008 ( – The Cardinal Archbishop of Mexico City, Noberto Rivera Carrera, denounced abortion and sterilization as “abominable” in his sermon for the fourth Sunday of Lent, and connected such practices to the abuse of women.

“Discrimination, sexual abuse, and domineering masculinity” go against God’s plan, said the prelate, who denounced the fact that women are sometimes considered an “instrument of death and violence, following the invitation of those who want to justify abortion.”

“The woman who gives and defends life is denied a dignified life, for this reason the Church feels called to be on the side of life and to defend it in the woman in every circumstance and at every moment,” the Cardinal said.

“The follower of Christ cannot accept the new forms of marginalization that women experience in a consumeristic and hedonistic society, in which she is transformed into an object of consumption, disguising her exploitation under the pretext of the changing times.”

  The Cardinal’s words follow the recent revelation that a woman had died from a legal abortion in Mexico City, where local government authorities have legalized the practice. More than 6,200 abortions have been done since the law came into effect in April of last year. It is currently being contested by the federal government before Mexico’s supreme court.