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His Grace Philip AnyoloPhilipp Jajob / Wikimedia Commons

NAIROBI, Kenya (LifeSiteNews) — His Grace Philip Anyolo, the Metropolitan Archbishop of Nairobi, has prohibited all clergy in his archdiocese from blessing same-sex “couples.”

“To make sure the fundamental doctrinal positions affirmed in the Declaration, and the perennial teachings of the Church on marriage, is upheld, all clergy residing and ministering in the Archdiocese of Nairobi are prohibited from blessing irregular relationships, unions, or same sex couples,” Anyolo stated in a public letter published December 23.

Anyolo insisted that “[a]ny form of blessing of same-sex unions and activities would go against God’s word, the teachings of the Church, the African cultural traditions, the laws of our nations, and would be scandalous to the faithful.”

Read the full statement HERE.