OTTAWA, Jan 14 (LifeSiteNews) – On Monday Ottawa Archbishop Marcel Gervais spoke to more than 100 priests and parish representatives preparing for Pro-Life Sunday, an annual event being held in churches Jan. 30. Ministers and preachers are encouraged to give pro-life sermons that Sunday to cultivate reverence for the sanctity of life in their churches.

“The church has always been pro-life, it has always been the defender of the weakest. It has always been the one that has stood up for the defense of the unborn, said Gervais. “We need a vigorous pro-life movement,” the archbishop stressed, because “legislation is not going to come down to defend the rights of the unborn and the rights of the aged, unless there is a majority of our people supporting it.” “We have supporters even among atheists as well as among many Protestants, Jews and Muslims,”  he said. “We’re not alone.”

(with files from Canadian Catholic News reporter Art Babych)