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LOS ANGELES (LifeSiteNews) — The Archdiocese of Los Angeles has asked the Catholic faithful to pray to the Sacred Heart of Jesus in response to the L.A. Dodgers honoring the blasphemous, anti-Catholic “Sisters of the Perpetual Indulgence.” 

“The forthcoming Dodgers event honoring a group that mocks women religious, and worse, desecrates the Cross, profanes the Eucharist, and disrupts Holy Mass has caused disappointment, dismay, and pain in our Catholic community, as well as among our fellow Christians and people of good will,” a statement of the L.A. Archdiocese reads. 

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“The Archdiocese of Los Angeles stands for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which means we stand against any form of bigotry, hate, or sacrilege.” 

“The Archdiocese calls on Catholics to stand together in prayer,” the statement continued. “The hurt on our hearts can only be healed by the love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Likewise, we can be set on fire by his love to witness to the sacred truth, goodness, and beauty of our faith with conviction and courage.” 

While the Dodgers had previously canceled their decision to grant a “Community Hero Award” to the blasphemous, anti-Catholic group due to outrage over the plans, including from CatholicVote and Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio, they backtracked soon after with an announcement that they apologized to the “sisters” and decided to honor them as previously planned during their “LGBTQ+ Pride Night” on June 16. 

June 16 is the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, which may be viewed as another affront to Catholics. 

The Archdiocese of L.A. has invited “all parishes to pray the Litany of the Sacred Heart of Jesus on Friday, June 16, the Solemnity of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, at Mass or during a Holy Hour with Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament.”

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“Additionally, in the days ahead of this special moment of prayer, we encourage parishes to include the petitions provided below in the Prayer of the Faithful at daily and Sunday Masses,” the archdiocese said.  

The Catholic League has documented the horrific history of the blasphemous drag “nuns” called “Sisters of the Perpetual Indulgence,” which includes a “Condom Savior Mass” and a St. John Paul II era-burning of the pope in effigy. 


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