BUENOS AIRES, Mar 25 ( – Today Argentina celebrates the “Day of the Unborn Child,”  following the December 8, 1998 presidential declaration of the event by Argentine President Carlos Menem. The decree noted, “under our constitution and our civil legislation, life begins at the moment of conception.”

In recognition of his country’s celebration, the Argentinean delegate to the Cairo +5 UN prepcom addressed the opening session of the UN meeting yesterday bravely proclaiming his country’s pro-life position and announcing the March 25 celebration. Aldo Carreras told the UN gathering that “Life exists from conception, and the right to life exists from that time,  as the basis for all other individual rights.” “The right to life is not a question about ideology or religion but a very emanation of human nature. The interruption of pregnancy by abortion is an offense against the life of an unborn person. Hence in our regional policies we have the affirmation. that in no case can abortion be approved,” said Carreras. The spokesman for Argentina went on to slam UN attempts to thwart national sovereignty and coercively insist on population control. He also stressed the foremost importance of the family.

Pope John Paul II sent a letter to Argentinean President Carlos Menem congratulating the country on the celebration of the Day of the Unborn Child. The pope expressed the hope that the feast would encourage “all presidents of Latin America to unite their efforts for the defense of life”. “The Church,” said the Pope, “sees in attacks against human life a grave offense to the Creator.” 

With files from Vivant Daily and Zenit News