ARGENTINA, May 16, 2011 ( – The Argentinean government is in the process of distributing millions of copies of a United Nations “sexual education” publication that teaches that homosexual couples are a type of “family,” and states that gays have a “right” to “live [their] sexuality,” according to the pro-family Argentinean Center for Bioethics, the Person, and the Family.

Center education expert Inés Franck says that six million copies of the magazines will be distributed to families as a guide for teaching children about human sexuality. However, the government says it is prepared to print sufficient copies to reach every household in the country.

According to Franck, the publication is “biased and reductionist” and constitutes an “unprecedented process of indoctrination promoted by the government in alliance with an international organization.”

On page 13, for example, the magazine tells parents, “it is important to explain [to your child] that all families are different. There are families with a father and a mother, there are families with only a father or only a mother, with two fathers or two mothers (…) None of these families are better or worse than the others. The most important thing within them is the relationship of love that unites their members.”

On page 36, readers are told, “If boys or girls tell us they are gay or lesbians … we should know that it is a demonstration of affection and confidence and a request for support, respect, and understanding.  Although it might take us a while to accept it, it is good for everyone.” The same page states, “There are couples that consist of a woman and a man, couples consisting of two women and couples consisting of two men, and there’s nothing wrong with it.”

“Every day, many people are discriminated against for living their sexuality as they wish. Transvestites, for example, who dress in a way that is different from what is habitual for their biological sex, are discriminated against in multiple ways. Those discriminatory forms of conduct cause damage and go against the rights which we have gained as a society.”

Franck adds that the document contains lewd images and expressions, and presents human sexuality as a “mere instrument of self-referential pleasure.” She regards the text as “a consequence of law 26618, which legalized same-sex unions and is now being introduced into homes and education.”