Argentina Doctors to Government: You can’t Expect Us to Start Practicing Abortion

BUENOS AIRES, July 9, 2007 ( - The Buenos Aires Catholic Doctors Consortium (CDC) recently blasted the government’s attempts to loosen the abortion laws in Argentina.

"Abortion is always and without exception direct murder of a human person," stated the CDC, responding to attempts by public health authorities to allow abortion in all cases of violence, Fides News Agency reports.

  The CDC statement continued, "Natural right teaches unequivocally that the right to life is the first of all human rights and no one can dispose of it. Therefore neither politicians, nor legislators nor authorities can expect doctors, who by vocation, profession and tradition swear to protect life and health, to practise abortion, killing the smallest and most helpless of all human beings".

  The CDC said, "To allow abortion or extend the period as some want to do now, will only aggravate the problem and allow the murder of babies because they are the weakest and most defenceless."

  Pointing out the doctor’s right to objection of conscience, the CDC statement concluded by "urging politicians, legislators and authorities to protect life and health of all citizens, whether elderly, adult, young people, children, newborn babies or an unborn child."

  Despite the fact that the Argentine Constitution recognizes the humanity of the unborn child "from the moment of conception," the legalization of first trimester abortions was proposed in May 2006. The proposed amendment to the Argentine penal code would make the woman "not punishable when the abortion is practiced with her consent and within three months of conception, provided circumstance made it excusable."

  Over the past six years, the push to allow abortion in overwhelmingly pro-life Argentina has been increasing under the influence of foreign pro-abortion organizations. In 2001, for example, the Supreme Court of Argentina ruled that a woman, seven-months pregnant with a child diagnosed with ancephaly, could induce labor to prevent the mother’s psychological injury. Similarly, in 2006 provincial courts used the abortion loopholes to approve of two handicapped women aborting their children. At present, abortion is legal in the case of a mentally disabled woman who has been raped, or when the mother’s life or health is at risk.

  (from Fides News Agency)

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