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BUENOS AIRES (LifeSiteNews) — Argentine presidential candidate Javier Milei has expressed his strong pro-life view in a viral interview with Tucker Carlson. 

“Philosophically speaking, I am in favor of the right to life,” Milei told Carlson in the interview that has garnered an astounding 337 million views as of noon on Friday. 

“Beyond that, there is a scientific justification to be had. It’s the fact that life begins at conception. It’s at that very instant that a new being begins to evolve, with its own unique DNA,” he said. 

“While it’s true that women have the right to their own bodies, the child in a woman’s womb is not her body,” he continued. “That makes abortion murder, enabled and aggravated by a power imbalance against a child that has no way to defend itself.” 

Milei stressed that abortion is part of the socialist agenda. 

“It’s a murderous agenda,” the presidential candidate stated. “The agenda of abortion. As a consequence of what humans are doing to the planet, they promote the murder of people still in their mother’s womb.” 

He called the abortion agenda a “bloodthirsty policy, in which some humans believe they should decide who should live and who should not. It is the utmost expression of hubris.”  

“How can a person decide who will live and who will not?” Milei said. “I want to say it clearly: The socialists’ hands are stained with blood. They will always have blood on their hands.” 

Carlson interrupted Milei, asking, “Are you arguing that socialists commit bloodshed because they believe they are God?”  

“Because they believe themselves God!” Milei responded. “They are heretics.” 

“Let me tell you something: They are not God,” the presidential candidate proclaimed. 

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Milei’s support for Donald Trump 

Milei expressed support for Donald Trump’s 2024 re-election campaign. 

“He [Trump] should continue his fight against socialism because he is one of the few who truly understood that we are fighting socialism, that we are fighting statists,” Milei told Carlson. 

“He understood perfectly that the generation of wealth comes from the private sector. The State does not create wealth; the State destroys it. The State can give you nothing because it produces nothing. And when it attempts it, it does poorly.” 

“If I could humbly offer advice, all I could say would be to double down on his efforts in the same direction: defending the ideals of freedom and refusing to give an inch to the socialists,” the presidential candidate said. 

Advice to Americans: Fight the culture war against the left 

When asked by Carlson about his advice for Americans, Milei said: “Never embrace the ideas of socialism.”  

“Never allow yourself to be seduced by the siren song of ‘social justice,’” he continued. “Don’t get caught up in that terrible concept that where there is a need, there is right.” 

“We have to be prepared for this and wage a cultural war every single day,” Milei stated. 

“And we have to be careful because they have no problem with getting inside the state and employing Gramsci’s techniques: seducing the artists, seducing the culture, seducing the media, or meddling in educational content.” 

Antonio Gramsci was an Italian Marxist and founder of the Communist Party of Italy, who argued that Marxists in the West should slowly infiltrate all institutions of society instead of attempting a violent revolution like the Bolsheviks did in Russia. He aimed to achieve “cultural hegemony” by taking over and using cultural institutions in capitalist societies. This concept was expanded on by Marxist professors of the Frankfurt School and became known as Cultural or Western Marxism.  

“You need to be very careful, cut off their funding, and force them into a fair fight,” Milei said regarding the cultural war against socialists.  

The presidential hopeful stressed that climate alarmism, “Black Lives Matter,” LGBT ideology, and radical feminism are all a part of the socialist agenda. 

“Do you see the climate change movement as part of the same socialist agenda?” Carlson asked.  

“It is part of the socialist agenda,” Milei responded. 

“What post-Marxism attempts to do — given the clear economic failure after the fall of the Berlin Wall, although socialism actually failed in 1961, when they had to build the wall in the first place — faced with defeat, they moved class struggle into other aspects of life.” 

“For example, the struggle between black and white, or Black Lives Matter, the entire LGBT lobby, everything related to radical feminism,” he said.  

“This agenda also includes the agenda of man against nature, where man is the one supposedly harming nature, when the truth is that the world has had other temperature spikes in the past. It is a cycle that exists, regardless of man,” Milei continued. 

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