December 7, 2011 ( – The Argentinean province of Corrientes has declared itself to be officially “pro-life,” in a statement signed by Governor Ricardo Colombi.

According to the document, entitled “Decree 2.870,” Corrientes is declared “as a Pro-Life Province, the defense of life from the moment of conception and the defense of the family being established as a policy of state.”

The decree adds that “the effective protection of the right to life from its conception is a fundamental obligation of government, and therefore the unborn child has the complete enjoyment of this right and of its consequent protection.”


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Colombi signed the decree at a conference held by local representatives of the Catholic and Evangelical churches, called the “Multisectoral and Ecumenical Encounter in favor of Life.”  The leadership of the congress, which included Corrientes Archbishop Andres Stanovik and Evangelical representative Ignacio Telechea, as well as two other Catholic bishops, also reportedly signed.

“All men and women are called to be part of this struggle,” commented Colombi, who noted favorably the presence of many young people at the conference, which was held recently in the provincial capital city of Corrientes.

“I congratulate these young people who are on this road,” said Colombi, asking them to “make an effort and have the courage to carry on this campaign, and to express a fierce defense of the conception of life.”

The declaration is making headlines in Argentina following a severe defeat for pro-abortion forces in the national congress. Legislation to legalize abortion was voted down twice at the committee level, and President Cristina Fernandez reiterated her opposition to such measures.