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PHOENIX (LifeSiteNews) – The Arizona Department of Education hosts a website that allows teenagers to talk with LGBTQ adults about gender and sexuality without their parents’ knowledge.

The education department, run by Democrat Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman, “promoted an online chat for LGBTQ kids that mixes minors with adults, intended for those ages 13-19,” Breitbart reported on Monday. “Facilitated in part by Planned Parenthood, it does not require parental approval to join and features discussions on sex and polyamorous relationships.”

Hoffman, who is up for re-election August 2, previously teamed up with a homosexual advocacy group to push for co-ed sex education and to remove a state prohibition on teaching about “abnormal, deviate, or unusual sexual acts and practices.”

Hoffman’s department may have found a way to continue to push the LGBT sexual agenda, however.

Teens are encouraged to visit a website called Q Chat Space, where adults communicate with teens about sexuality. Teenagers that seek more information are encouraged by Q Chat to visit websites about “tucking,” visit Planned Parenthood, or find free chest binders.

Although the website says the adults who chat with teens about their sexuality are “verified facilitators” there is nothing in a review of some of the “Q Chatters” to show any need to have a degree in counseling. In fact, Q Chat makes clear that “Q Chat Space facilitators are NOT mental health professionals.” All you need to do, it seems, is be a LGBTQ person with an interest in talking to younger people who identify as LGBTQ.

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“Q Chatters” are prepared to talk to 13 and 14-year-old gender dysphoric or same-sex attracted teens about a variety of topics.

“Other chats listed on the Q Chat website include ‘Pansexual Panromantic Visibility,’ along with ‘Body liberation,’ and ‘Understanding Your Sexuality While Being Trans and Non-Binary.’” Breitbart reported. “Another topic is titled ‘Explore: Types of Attraction.’”

Expert warns about social media’s use in grooming

A professor who studies grooming and abuse of children in the school system has written a paper that details how adults use social media and phones to groom children. Adult abusers will often start talking about their own sexual interests as a way to groom kids, Professor Charol Shakeshaft wrote.

A “red flag” behavior includes “personal disclosure of adult sexual activity and preferences, and questions to students about their sexual lives,” the Virginia Commonwealth University professor wrote in a 2021 paper.

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“Use of personal – not school sanctioned and monitored – social media is a common vehicle for bonding grooming,” the paper stated. “Using a private platform is much like being alone with a student behind a closed locked door. There is no way to monitor and the interactions are hidden and private.”

“When grooming through social media, direct or private messages can escalate quickly due to the relative ease of access predators have to students who may view it as normal behavior because that is how they communicate with their peers,” the analysis of abuse cases found.