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PHOENIX, Arizona (LifeSiteNews) — Arizona’s new Democratic governor Katie Hobbs wants to defund a center that provides housing and support for homeless pregnant women and redirect the money to abortions.

“Hobbs’ budget proposal takes $500,000 from pregnant, homeless women and provides $6.1 million in Title X contributions, generating millions in federal funding for abortion clinics,” according to an analysis by Cathi Herrod, president of the Center for Arizona Policy.

She wrote in an op-ed in the AZ Central:

Maggie’s Place doesn’t refer women for abortions, so Gov. Katie Hobbs wants to defund it, sending expectant mothers back to the streets. No abortions, no funding. These are the most vulnerable of the growing homeless in Arizona, where we led the nation in the rise of homelessness in 2021, with an increase of 30%.

Lawmakers understand the state’s interest in caring for these vulnerable women and their unborn babies, so they increased funding for them from $200,000 to $500,000 in 2022. This pays for housing, basic care, parental training, mental health counseling and more to help women become self-sufficient. The maternity home served 88 pregnant women, 37 children and 40 babies in 2022.

Hobbs’s proposal requires centers receiving money to support abortion. Her budget allocated “$200,000 in ongoing funding for pregnancy services that are inclusive of all options and support personal choice.”

The budget proposal is just one more example of a leftist agenda item Hobbs has quickly tried to enact since taking office. She also signed an executive order that could force religious entities to provide adoption services to homosexual couples in violation of their faith and federal law.

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Hobbs’s husband also backs so-called “sex changes” for gender-confused children.

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National and state Democrats have also taken aim at pro-life pregnancy resource centers as part of their ongoing war against women choosing life. For example, Michigan Democratic governor Gretchen Whitmer vetoed funding for pro-life pregnancy options this summer. Senate and House Democrats also sent a letter this summer demanding that Google censor search results that show women their options to choose life.

Pro-life churches, groups, and pregnancy resource centers have faced fire bombingsvandalism, and other attacks, with little to no pushback from the White House and leading Democrats.

A leftist in Michigan even shot an 84-year-old volunteer who was simply knocking on doors and hoping to talk to residents about a ballot referendum. 

The current FBI director estimated that 70% of abortion-related violence after the reversal of Roe in June has targeted pro-life centers and churches. The FBI did announce in June, prior to the Dobbs decision, that it was investigating attacks on pro-life groups.