PHOENIX, Aug 31 ( – Controversy continues to swirl around the 14-year-old, 24-week pregnant ward of the state for whom an out-of-state abortion was approved Sunday by the Arizona Supreme Court. Arizona Right to Life has revealed that the one of the judges in favour of the abortion in the 3-2 decision Sunday was in a conflict of interest in the case since he was an activist lawyer for Planned Parenthood in 1973. Prior to Roe v Wade,  therefore, he was aggressively pushing for the legalization of abortion. 

With files from the Arizona StarNet.

In related news, it has been revealed that the girl will travel to Wichita, Kansas to the abortuary of George Tiller an infamous late-term abortionist. American Life League warned Arizona officials yesterday of Tiller’s failed abortions, which have resulted in live births of babies severely crippled by the abortion attempt.

American Life League President Judie Brown reported that: “Six years ago, a 15-year-old girl from New Mexico flew to Wichita, Kansas for a late term abortion. The young mother was eight and a half months pregnant when George Tiller injected potassium chloride into her baby’s brain. Tiller also administered a chemical solution that horribly burned the child’s lungs and throat. Tiller expected a dead child as a result of the ‘procedure.’ But he later found that the child was not dead. That was July 15, 1993, the day Sarah Brown was born alive.

Sarah Brown died last September at the age of 5 due to complications caused by the attempt on her life as an infant.”