Arkansas Pro-Family Group Hopes To Ban Homosexuals From Adopting Children

By Thaddeus M. Baklinski

  LITTLE ROCK, Ark., August 26, 2008 ( - The Arkansas Family Council Action Committee has fulfilled the requirements to have a referendum question appear on this fall’s ballot that would effectively ban homosexuals from becoming foster or adoptive parents in the state.

  An AP report says the measure, which is a response to a 2006 Arkansas Supreme Court decision striking down a state policy that specifically banned gays and lesbians from becoming foster parents, would prohibit unmarried couples living together from fostering or adopting children, and Arkansas doesn’t allow homosexuals to marry or recognize homosexual marriages conducted elsewhere.

  Secretary of State Charlie Daniels certified the proposed initiated act for the Nov. 4 ballot after verifying that the Arkansas Family Council Action Committee had submitted 85,389 valid signatures of registered voters. Supporters needed to turn in at least 61,974 valid signatures, the AP report stated.

"Arkansas needs to affirm the importance of married mothers and fathers," Family Council President Jerry Cox said. "We need to publicly affirm the gold standard of rearing children whenever we can. The state standard should be as close to that gold standard of married mom and dad homes as possible."

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