Tuesday February 23, 2010

Arrest Warrant Issued for Lisa Miller in Vermont

By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman

RUTLAND, VERMONT, February 23, 2010 ( – A Vermont judge has issued an arrest warrant for Lisa Miller for failing to transfer custody of her daughter to her former lesbian partner.

Miller, an ex-lesbian who has returned to her childhood faith in Jesus Christ, has been ordered to give up her daughter to her former partner Janet Jenkins, whom she says she left after years of abuse.

After years of legal struggles to prevent unauthorized visits of her daughter, Isabella, with Jenkins, Miller severed contact with her attorneys and disappeared in November of last year.

Jenkins has no relation to Miller’s daughter Isabella, 7, who was conceived by artificial insemination while Jenkins and Miller were in a Vermont civil union.

Jenkins has repeatedly requested jail time for Miller, who has resisted the unsupervised visitation dates decreed by Vermont Judge Richard Cohen.

A judge in Bedford County Virginia last week refused to issue an arrest warrant for Miller, due to the fact that she had not been legally subpoenaed.

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