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ORANGE, Virginia, October 28, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) – An arsonist tried to burn down the pro-life Paul Stefan Foundation Regional Maternity Center, causing significant damage to the ministry’s building and equipment.

“The fire was set by an arsonist and is under police investigation,” Randy and Evelyn James, who co-founded the center, told supporters in an email. “Some people think that we shouldn't be saving babies and helping women!”

They said the fire was “bad” but “we thank God that nobody was hurt!”

The regional home is under renovation and its directors plan for it to offer expectant mothers a place to stay long-term. They will be able to receive education, job training, counseling, and other assistance. It is part of a network of maternity homes run by the Paul Stefan Foundation.

The third floor of the building, which cost the foundation $200,000 to renovate, was undamaged, James reported. However, they lost “business equipment and many donated items of furniture, mattresses, baby clothes, rugs, [and] chairs.”

James told local media he found broken windows and rocks in the rooms where the fire began. He and his wife are asking for prayers for speedy repairs and funding so that the center can open as soon as possible.