TORONTO, August 11, 2003 ( – Just after polling data began to demonstrate a shift in public opinion against same-sex ‘marriage’, Ontario Premier Ernie Eves changed his tune on the issue.  “I happen to personally believe that marriage is between a man and a woman. That’s my own personal belief,” he told reporters in Niagara Falls on Thursday.  However, in July last year when the Ontario Superior Court issued its ruling demanding immediate recognition of homosexual ‘marriage’, he said, “Everybody has their own personal point of view on this issue. My point of view on this issue is that if two people decide they want to be in a union, why would I interfere with that?”  Numerous commentators have described his change of attitude as nothing more than political opportunism.  Moreover, he does not intend to do anything positive to protect the family. “I shouldn’t have the right to impose my values on others in society. I think people should be free to express themselves however they want,” he said.  The Ontario Conservative government, under Harris and then his successor Ernie Eves, has done far more than any past Ontario government to advance the gay activist agenda in the province.  See the Globe and Mail coverage: