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According to a recent PEW poll, an incredible 71% of Americans do not believe the mainstream media “get facts straight” and an overwhelming 82% do not feel they “deal fairly with all sides.”

Although there is no recent similar study of Canadians, it’s a good bet that the same trend holds true for Canada, not to mention the rest of the developed West.

To put it simply: North Americans no longer trust the mainstream media (MSM). 

To those of us in the pro-life, pro-family movements, this is old news.

After all, year after year we stage massive rallies in favor of the rights of the unborn, only to have them almost completely ignored by the press. Year after year we exhaust ourselves researching and exposing the facts about the negative effects of abortion, of family breakdown, of the population control ideology, only to have the news editors turn a blind eye. And year after year peaceful pro-life activists are tarred and feathered in the media as violent “anti-abortion extremists,” while the doctors who are killing our future for a profit are lifted up as heroes.

We gave up expecting fair coverage from the MSM a long time ago.

But the fact that a huge majority of the public appears to be waking up to the shameless bias of mainstream media reporting is big news. For those of us at LifeSiteNews, and for all of our supporters, it speaks one golden word: opportunity.

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After all, LSN was created for that very reason: to provide a refuge for those seeking the truth about the most important issues, but who knew that it couldn’t be found in the established newspapers or on television.

It seems that LSN entered the scene not a moment too soon. Already tens of thousands of people turn to LSN every single day to get the scoop on life, family and faith issues. But with so many people increasingly tiring of the liberal spin of the MSM, we can be sure that, with your help, this is only the beginning. is already on the cutting edge of providing alternative news reporting.  The battle that lies ahead now is to crack the walls of the once impregnable media monopoly.
And the PEW poll, among other things, offers further proof that those cracks are already showing.

It shows that we are living in a time when the culture is searching for understanding and clarity from a different sort of news source.  That is why it is now more vital than ever for alternative news sources, such as LSN, to speak the truth boldly and without compromise.

And that is precisely what we at LSN intend on continuing to do.
But, as we have said so many times before, we cannot do so without your help. In these difficult but exciting times of transition, when so many of the established newspapers and TV stations are rapidly losing revenue and closing up shop, it is important for supporters of alternative news media to step up their efforts to ensure that there is something much better that is ready and able to fill the void.

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We leave no stone unturned and we refuse to bow to political correctness if it stands in the way of what is right.

We hold ourselves accountable only to the truth.

This is our mission. Is it also yours?

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