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(LifeSiteNews) – Conservative investigative outlet Project Veritas released a never-before-heard audio recording of presidential daughter Ashley Biden requesting the return of belongings she had left in a halfway house she had stayed in, effectively corroborating the authenticity of a diary containing salacious claims about her father, President Joe Biden.

According to then-CEO of Veritas James O’Keefe, the group was approached late in the 2020 presidential campaign with a source offering a diary supposedly owned by Ashley Biden. At the time, Veritas could not confirm the authenticity of the book or its contents, he says, so they opted not to pursue the story and attempted to return the book, but an attorney for Ashley declined to take it, which would have confirmed its authenticity. “Project Veritas gave the diary to law enforcement to ensure it could be returned to its rightful owner,” O’Keefe said.

In the diary, allegedly written while Ashley was in rehab for drug addiction, she allegedly wrote that she had been “Hyper-sexualized @ a young age” and “remember[ed] somewhat being sexualized with Caroline” (the identity of this Caroline is unconfirmed, but Joe Biden has a niece by that name). “I remember having sex with friends @ a young age; showers w/my dad (probably not appropriate),” the author wrote. 

The diary also describes her parents as supportive of her in her struggles with drug addiction, but the suggestion that the president may have showered with his daughter was taken as particularly disturbing in light of his history of inappropriate and unwanted touching of women, and an allegation of sexual assault against him by former Senate staffer Tara Reade. In November 2021, the FBI raided the homes of then-current and former Veritas journalists in search of the diary, lending credence to its authenticity.

Now, Project Veritas has released audio of an October 10, 2020 phone conversation with Ashley Biden in which she seeks the return of her belongings, during which she confirms, “this is my stuff.”

“Yeah, I just wanted, so I heard you have a few of my belongings, and so I was gonna ask if you could please meet my friend Eric, who is down in Del Rey, if you could meet him and get the stuff to him,” she says.

The Veritas representative tells her there is a diary among the items and reads the first line of the first entry. “Yeah, so if you could just give everything that you have to Eric, that would be really great,” she replies. 

The Veritas representative responds that he does not want to give the items to the wrong person, to which Ashley interjects, “at this point, and I don’t mean to, I don’t want to have to get Secret Service involved in this, right? Because it just isn’t, it’s a whole process. But you know, I am Ashley Biden, and this is my stuff, so if you could just give all of that over it’d be really appreciated. I know you sent a picture to my husband with a camera and a few other things that are mine as well. So that would be really great. What is a good place for him to meet you?”

Without revealing the outcome of the conversation, Veritas reported that it sought comment from the Biden campaign on October 16, to which Ashley’s attorney, Roberta Kaplan, (the same attorney who refused to take the diary, recommended, “[w]e should send to the Southern District of New York,” which before long approved the first of 19 secret subpoenas, orders and warrants against Veritas, which the Biden Department of Justice later used to spy on the organization. Veritas turned the items over to police on November 8.

“Now, nearly two years following the pre-dawn FBI raids, Project Veritas has spent millions of dollars defending the three journalists,” Veritas said. “A ruling on whether the government will be allowed to legally see journalists’ privileged materials, including with their own attorneys, is expected soon by United States District Court Judge for the Southern District of New York, Analisa Torres.”

The use of federal law enforcement to retaliate against political opponents while treating more ideologically aligned lawbreakers more softly has been one of the most alarming facets of the Biden presidency, from prosecuting pro-life activists while neglecting pro-abortion violence to painting parents critical of left-wing classroom indoctrination as dangerous to disproportionate prosecution of January 6 attendees for nonviolent offenses.