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YANGON, Myanmar, March 1, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — A Southeast Asian Cardinal says he is following Pope Francis’ lead in denouncing “'ecological sin' made individually and collectively by humans who destroy Mother Earth.”

“Today we find ourselves faced with an ecological holocaust,” said Cardinal Charles Bo, Archbishop of Yangon, during a pre-Lenten speech at a conference for religious held in Yangon.

“It is a very serious moment. Pope Francis has raised a great shout against this impending disaster when talking about modern sins, the 'ecological sin' made individually and collectively by humans who destroy Mother Earth,” he added.

As a remedy to this so-called man-made ecological disaster, the Cardinal calls the faithful of Asia and Oceania to “reinvigorate a prophetic leap and become missionaries of mercy for the promotion of a just ecology.”

He goes on: “Avarice has caused an ecological terrorism against mother earth. Climate change is real and planet earth is heating up, causing thousands of ‘ecological refugees.’”

“Climate change is an atomic bomb that is about to explode. We find ourselves at the rim of an ecological apocalypse. This ecological apocalypse is the result of ecological sin against the creation of God,” he added.

The Cardinal’s comments are contemporaneous to the Vatican’s conference on “Biological Extinction” happening February 27-March 1. The conference addresses what the organizers call “an unsustainable imbalance” between the world’s population and the earth’s resources.

Paul Ehrlich, a population control activist, is one of the Vatican’s guest speakers. Ehrlich, a supporter of forced sterilization and abortion, is known as the father of the modern pro-abortion population control movement.

In his four years as pope, Francis has given unprecedented focus to political causes such as combatting climate change and reordering the world’s economic system. Last September he called Catholics to have an “ecological conversion” and to repent of “sins” against the environment.

It comes as no surprise therefore to see Bo, who was made a cardinal by Pope Francis in 2015, focusing on the “environmental sins” of his country in his pre-Lenten speech. This admonition comes despite Myanmar’s raging conflicts involving child soldiers, forced slave-and-child labor, systematic sexual violence, human trafficking, the genocide of the Rohingya people, surrogate motherhood, and the abortion crisis.

Bo blamed “rich countries,” specifically naming the United States, for contributing to the earth’s “environmental injustice and ecological injustice.”

“The greenhouse gasses that increase global warming are emitted by rich countries. The United States, with a population of about 6% of the world, produces 40% of greenhouse gasses. Who is dying? The poor. Poor countries are the most vulnerable to global warming. Cyclones, earthquakes, and floods create thousands of victims of natural disasters. This is ecological terrorism. The powerful of this world decide who should live or die. The economic and ecological terrorists are unleashed against the poor,” he said.

Despite Pope Francis’ assurances that the “ecological crisis is real,” unbiased science indicates that there is more 'tampering' than 'temperature' in the field of climate change.

Carleton University professor Michael Hart described in his 2016 book Hubris what he called the “poor science” behind climate change that is used by activists to push an agenda.

“I learned that both domestic and international actors had succeeded in using the poorly understood science of climate change to advance an ambitious environmental agenda focused on increasing centralized control over people’s daily lives,” he told LifeSiteNews in an August 2016 interview.

Hart made the case that “climate change” has become the Left’s new Trojan horse for ramming through their social agenda on an unsuspecting population.

“Left-wing politicians discovered in climate change renewed ways to press their agenda of social and economic justice through coercive government programs. As John Sununu, the former governor of New Hampshire, sees it, ‘The alarmists have learned well from the past. They saw what motivates policy makers is not necessarily just hard science, but a well-orchestrated symphony of effort … announce a disaster; cherry pick some results; back it up with computer modeling; proclaim a consensus; stifle the opposition; take over the process and control the funding; and roll the policy makers,’” he said.

Hart quoted philosopher of science Jeffrey Foss whom, he says, sees how environmental science has become the new religion with its own god, its own unique sins, and its own ultimate solution.

“Environmental science […] prophesies an environmental apocalypse. It tells us that the reason we confront apocalypse is our own environmental sinfulness. Our sin is one of impurity. We have fouled a pure, ‘pristine’ nature with our dirty household and industrial wastes. The apocalypse will take the form of an environmental backlash, a payback for our sins. … environmental scientists tell people what they must do to be blameless before nature.”

“Humanity has broken its pact with nature,” Bo states, “and that's why it is a profoundly moral issue, an ecological original sin, which needs an ecological conversion and an ecological evangelization.”

“Repent, God's creation is in danger. Your life changes will save the planet,” he said.