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Assisted suicide legislation introduced in Delaware

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DOVER, DE, May 29, 2015 (LifeSiteNews.com) – Delaware legislators have introduced a bill to legalize assisted suicide in the state.

On Thursday, state Rep. Paul Baumbach, D-Newark, introduced House Bill 150. According to its official summary, H.B. 150 "will allow a competent terminally ill patient the ability to request medication to end the patient’s life. The bill clarifies the procedures necessary for making the request, such as but not limited to: the receipt of counseling, a physician’s evaluation, the passage of a waiting period, and the completion of a formally witnessed request for such medication."

"The bill further provides the right to rescind any request for such medication; as well as immunity for persons participating in good faith compliance with the procedures," the summary states.

The bill's text says that a physician would have to verify that a patient is unlikely to live longer than six months due to a terminal illness, that the patient make the request verbally and in writing, and that the patient must make the request while of sound mind. Additionally, a second opinion is required for the terminal illness diagnosis, and a 15-day wait is required before the patient could receive suicide drugs.

Baumbach's office did not immediately return a request for comment.

At this time, the bill has no co-sponsors.


Delaware residents can find their state senators here, and their state house members here.

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