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PETERBOROUGH, Ontario (LifeSiteNews) — COVID-19 frontline doctor Dr. Mark Trozzi recently called upon citizens to resist medical tyranny, even by “starting over” if courts prove themselves “illegitimate.”

During an October 13 presentation in Ontario, Dr. Trozzi, who is being threatened with the revocation of his medical license due to his resistance to COVID protocols, stressed that we cannot surrender to tyrannical government mandates at any point, even if the legal system appears entirely broken.

He told how he is insisting on first fighting the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) in court as they attempt to punish him for using alternative treatments and questioning the safety of COVID mRNA shots during the COVID outbreak.

“I’ve had people come to me and say, ‘Mark, why are you bothering? Why are you actually fighting against CPSA?’” he shared, going on to explain how he will first exhaust his legal options before pursuing another path. 

“The CPSO will probably in a few weeks […] say, ‘We’re right, two plus two equals five, you’re wrong and you owe us $100,000 for the pleasure of us beating you up here,’” said Dr. Trozzi.

“And I’m going to then appeal it to the court system. Now, some people say, ‘well, Mark, the court’s so corrupted.’ Well I hope not, I’m going to try it. And if [the] court says, sorry, two plus two is five, I’m going to appeal to a higher court,” he explained. 

If he has to take it all the way to the Supreme Court, and even they insist on denying the legitimacy of his approach as a physician, “what that means is the court is illegitimate and we are at a point of a crisis of legitimacy,” said Dr. Trozzi.

“And what do the people do when everything’s illegitimate? We start over.”

Dr. Trozzi compared his attempt to “help resuscitate the legal system” to his efforts as a physician to help resuscitate patients even in cases when most other doctors would have given up. 

“But if it turns out that we get all the way through this attempt to resuscitate it and there is no pulse…and the legal system is dead, I’ll be the first one to tell everybody, ‘Sorry, guys, it’s over. Start over and defend yourselves,’” Dr. Trozzi continued.

“But at no point do we roll over. At no point can you show me a pile of paper and say, ‘Yeah, we can rape your kids because we got it’s legal.’ No, it is not legal. It’s not lawful. And lawful is what matters,” he said.

Those who are “acting in honor and not causing harm” have true rights — “freedom of movement, freedom of self-defense, freedom of property, freedom of speech, freedom of thought, freedom of religion” — not those who are acting dishonorably and doing harm, insisted Dr. Trozzi. “It doesn’t mean we’re not going to have to fight. It’s not the first time in history people have had to fight.”

Addressing an audience member’s question about whether the use of ivermectin is permitted in Ontario, and explaining that its obstruction has been “unlawful,” Dr. Trozzi stressed that Canadians must not hesitate to defy unjust orders when anyone’s safety or life is at stake. 

“I don’t think I would let anybody, you know, die for a lack of a couple of cheap pills to save ivermectin when they needed it. Is everybody going along with it?” he said, going on to compare protocols obstructing the use of the antiviral treatment to those of Nazi Germany.

“It’s like the train ride to Auschwitz. At what point do you struggle? You can say it will be mighty uncomfortable to fight with these soldiers, and be mighty uncomfortable to make a run for it. Well, it doesn’t get any easier when you walk into the shower,” said Dr. Trozzi.

He pointed out that while his current audience was “quite awake,” there are many more people who need to become aware of the dangerous worldwide threats to freedom, “because going along with this thing leads to a form of hell on earth in a very broad sense.”

When one audience member asked how people can go about helping to show the truth to those who accept the mainstream media narrative, Dr. Trozzi suggested, in “the words of Christ, plant a seed and let it grow.”

“You can’t always guarantee it’ll grow. Sometimes if you try to pound the seed down their throat and make sure it grows, that doesn’t work,” he added, further suggesting that sometimes asking questions to challenge people’s understanding is a good strategy.

He also pointed out that anything we can do to help people let go of fear is helpful, because fear clouds rational thinking. Encouraging spirituality and trust in God is important in this regard, he added. He suggested that such a mindset also helps people to have the humility they need to admit they were “duped.”

Dr. Trozzi encouraged everyone to take advantage of policy briefs assembled by the World Council for Health that they can deliver to local leaders in order to help them to resist abuses of power.

One of our policy briefings is called ‘Rejecting Monopoly Power Over Global Health.’ [It] is a great document to hand to politicians or union leaders or church leaders, because it’s trying to give people the resources that they need to stand against this in an official capacity,” he explained.

It was recently brought to light, following his disciplinary hearing Tuesday with CPSO, that Dr. Trozzi may soon have his medical license revoked after accusations by the  (CPSO) that he has been spreading medical “misinformation.”

Dr. Trozzi’s attorney, Michael Alexander, shared that CPSO has thus far concluded that Dr. Trozzi has “essentially been spreading misinformation” and that this “has caused public harm” despite lack of “proof tender” that this is the case.

Alexander is welcoming any financial assistance for Dr. Trozzi’s case, especially due to the added cost of virtual hearings.

Donations, which are the only source of income for him and his family at this time, can be made via Dr. Trozzi’s website,