LOS ANGELES, October 5, 2007 ( –  Atheist scientists who have become famous for attacking those who disagree with them are now loudly complaining about supposedly being mistreated in a film they haven’t seen.

  Oxford zoologist, Richard Dawkins, has made a lot of money and fame calling people who believe in God “delusional.” Yet he is now grumbling that the producers of EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed “tricked” him into doing an interview. EXPELLED exposes the intimidation, persecution and career destruction that takes place when any scientist dares dissent from the view that all life on earth is the mere result of random mutation and natural selection.

“Some of these people—especially Mr. Dawkins—spend a lot of time insulting the millions of folks who disagree with them, so you would think they would have a little tougher skin,” said Mark Mathis, one of the film’s producers. “The funny thing is they are whining about the fact that the film is going to allow them to insult people on a much larger stage.”

  Other notable scientists who claim they were “deceived” by the producers of EXPELLED include Eugenie Scott, Executive Director of the National Center for Science Education and PZ Myers, a biologist at the University of Minnesota, Morris, who devotes much of his time to his popular science blog.

  Myers has attacked the film several times on his blog since EXPELLED announced its arrival in theatres in February 2008.

  EXPELLED’s producers say they aren’t surprised by the academic uproar over the film because it is consistent with what happens on university campuses when students or professors question atheistic materialism.

“There is some serious mistreatment and downright reprehensible behavior going on here, but I can assure you it’s not coming from us—we’re just the ones exposing it,” said Executive Producer, Walt Ruloff. “When our audience sees the stories of the real victims of scientific malpractice they’re going to be outraged.”

  The producers of EXPELLED are particularly amused by Dawkins’s complaint that the name of the film was changed from “Crossroads” to “EXPELLED” suggesting that this re-naming was a deception. Dawkins is well aware of the fact that movie titles change. When he was interviewed for EXPELLED he made the comment that the title of his anti-religion documentary, “Root of all Evil?” was chosen as a replacement for the original title late in the process.

  Additionally, Dawkins participates in the documentary “A War on Science,” which is an attack on Intelligent Design (ID). Producers of that film presented themselves to the Discovery Institute as objective filmmakers and then portrayed the organization as religiously-motivated and anti-scientific.

“I’ve never seen a bigger bunch of hypocrites in my life,” said Mathis, who set up the interviews for EXPELLED. “I went over all of the questions with these folks before the interviews and I e-mailed the questions to many of them days in advance. The lady (and gentleman) doth protest too much, methinks.”

“Both Myers and Scott say they would have agreed to be interviewed under any circumstances, so why are they complaining?” said Ruloff. “In fact we had a second interview set up with Eugenie Scott, which she cancelled once rumors about EXPELLED began to circulate.”

  The legal releases all of the interviewees signed were quite explicit in regards to editorial control and transferability, something that is standard in the film business. Dawkins, Myers, Scott and many other scientists were paid for their interviews (Scott’s check went to her organization, the National Center for Science Education).

  EXPELLED’s producers have made it clear the film will portray the scientists interviewed in a way that is consistent with their actual viewpoints or other public statements.

  EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed is scheduled for release in February 2008. For more information on Ben Stein’s journey visit