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(LifeSiteNews) – Speaking as part of the Truth for Health Foundation’s ninth online conference, an attorney has accused the U.S. government of performing a “chain of illegal acts” with regard to mandating the COVID jabs for U.S. service personnel.

Todd Callender, a businessman, attorney, and international law specialist in disability rights, serves as the attorney for Truth for Health Foundation.

“So, how is it possible in the United States of America, where we have a phase three clinical trial, the biggest one in the entire planet that’s happening, and nobody is being provided the requisite information for them to give informed consent?” Callender demanded.

Callender told Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet, the Foundation’s president and CEO, of the challenges his law firm has made against the Department of Defense’s (DOD) vaccine mandate for U.S. servicemen, referencing the DOD’s “coercive strategies, threatening losses of your job, threatening loss of your benefits, repayment of school fees.”

While the U.S. government should have legally looked for “available” drugs, such as hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, said Callender, instead “they ran straight into an investigational new drug.”

“There should have never been an emergency use authorization for investigational new drugs,” said Callender. He also slammed the DOD not only for refusing to provide alternatives to the injection, but for having “waived soldiers their informed consent rights.”

“That is a decision that the president alone can make and the president of the United States has not done that,” said Callender.

“So all of those things in a row, we’re five or six down the chain of illegal acts,” observed Callender. 

Normally, even with a fully approved vaccine, there would remain “religious, administrative, disability, allergy” exemptions, “and yet none of those are being observed,” said Callender.

The ‘military knows the harm they’re causing’

Callender referenced the lipid nanoparticles, which are used as an integral part of Pfizer and Moderna’s COVID jabs, claiming that they “actually contain pathogens.” 

Based on mass spectrometry his team performed on the injections, they found “chimeric Marburg E. coli and chimeric Ebola Staphylococcus inside of the lipid nanoparticles that are actually inside of the vaccinated people.”

“I mean this is criminal intent. There is no other way to look at this,” he attested. “The military knows the harm they’re causing, the harm they’re mandating and coercing.” Referring to DOD data from 2020, Callender noted that it “showed an 1,100 percent increase over 2020 in all-cause morbidity and mortality.”

This “criminal intent” demonstrates the need for an independent vaccine reporting system, said Callender, advising against using the official CDC system (VAERS). “Why would we possibly trust them with data?”

“If we had something independent where we can actually get the good data, we can get a better look at this and see what the real problem is, see how vast it is.”

Rise in morbidity across the world following COVID shots

Callender, who is CEO of an international insurance consortium dealing with actuarial and morbidity and mortality data across the world, shed light on the initial mortality reports filtering through following the COVID shots.

“We are seeing a significant increase” in mortality, he said. Pointing to a report which documented an 84 percent rise in mortality from this year in 18-45 year olds, Callender suggested that this figure was nevertheless an underestimate due to a “lag in reporting.”

“It’s a systemic problem. So people are dying or becoming injured from a variety of ailments. It’s not just one thing or another; it’s not just myocarditis; it’s not just blood clots, it’s across the board,” he added. 

So great is the upward trend of mortality and the demand on insurance companies, that Callender predicted “death claims” would empty insurance companies of funds “by the end of this year.”

Callender recently spoke with LifeSite’s John-Henry Westen, warning that the genetic changes which are taking place following the administration of the mRNA injections are legally creating a synthetic DNA molecule which does not strictly pertain to nature, but instead creates a new genome with its own “intellectual property rights.” This may mean that those who’ve been injected with three COVID shots are “no longer humans for purposes of law,” but a “new species.”