PORTLAND, October 27, 2005 ( – An attorney who helped a woman successfully sue an abortionist for medical malpractice for failing to warn her about an increased risk of breast cancer has responded to a Rocky Mountain Newsletter to the editor claiming that the abortion-breast cancer link is a “myth.”

In his letter to the editor last week, titled Abortion-Breast Cancer ‘Myth’ Wasted on Juries, Jonathan Clark objected to what he described as “spin” on the abortion-breast cancer link. Vicki Cowart, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, claimed “The science is clear: abortion is not a risk factor for breast cancer” in a letter dated September 30.

Clark responded, “I found that [statement] surprising.” Clark related how in another suit, a pro-abortion expert witness testified that women who have abortions are at greater risk for breast cancer. “Abortion clearly influences a woman’s risk profile for abortion [sic],” he stated.

“Juries work hard to understand the facts, the issues and the law,” Clark explained. “In my client’s case, the abortion clinic did not want to face the charge that they raised her risk for breast cancer. Even in a ‘liberal’ county. Why? Because in a jury trial, spin doesn’t work and politics don’t play.” The abortionist chose to settle with Clark’s client rather than face a jury trial, knowing that to do so would be a lost battle.

Clark emphasized that women “deserve the dignity of making fully informed health-care decisions,” concluding that spin does not work on juries – not even liberal ones.

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