By John Connolly  

AURORA, Illinois, February 15, 2008 ( – Residents of Aurora and a community group are suing Planned Parenthood and the City of Aurora for zoning violations at a $7.5 million “super-clinic” opened by Planned Parenthood in October.

The lawsuit was filed February 13, and asserts that Planned Parenthood misrepresented itself to the public and the City Council. Residents were never given a chance to voice their opposition to the 22,000-square-foot “abortion fortress” before it opened.

To avoid opposition, Planned Parenthood filed for various permits under various names during construction. In May of 2005, Planned Parenthood began construction using the name of a front corporation called Gemini Office Development (GOD). By acting as “GOD,” Planned Parenthood evaded the process that would allow the city and the residents to object to the construction of their clinic.

Despite complaints and appeals from residents about Planned Parenthood’s misrepresentation, the City of Aurora and the Zoning and Building Code Boards of Appeals have turned a blind eye to the zoning violations.

“Democracy can’t work for people if they are denied an opportunity to impact even their own neighborhoods”, said Tom Brejcha, Chief Counsel for the Thomas More Society, which is providing legal representation for the homeowners and families involved.  “It simply isn’t fair to allow any entity, including Planned Parenthood, to operate outside the law.”

The Thomas More Society is a public interest law firm which provides legal counsel and defense for those who work to protect innocent human life. They represent the plaintiffs in the suit, which includes the community group, Fox Valley Families against Planned Parenthood.

“We’ve lost confidence with the city,” said Eric Scheidler, head of Fox Valley Families against Planned Parenthood. “We hoped the Zoning Board of Appeals would have yielded a thorough consideration of these concerns, but we’re not surprised at the outcome. That’s the way things work here.”

Planned Parenthood officials claim that the misrepresentation tactic was used to protect the clinic’s staff and construction workers from dangerous protestors.

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