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CANBERRA, February 8, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — The Australian government is finalizing plans to roll out a vaccine certificate that will provide proof of immunization against the coronavirus.

Government services minister Stuart Robert announced that Australians will get a record when they receive a COVID-19 jab that will be stored and displayed on social security apps called Express Plus Medicare and MyGov.

“Importantly for Australians, the certificate will be robust, it will be anchored to them so they will know it’s their certificate and it will be widely accepted,” Robert said.

Australians were primed for technology like this back in 2018, when the government digitized the health records of every citizen with a Medicare card so that any health professional could access a patient’s entire medical history.

Aussies are free to opt out of the system and have their records deleted. About 2.5 million people, or 10% of the population, have done so.

Mr. Robert said it was up to the states and territories to decide whether they would impose rules such as requiring people to have proof of a COVID-19 vaccine before visiting or working in an aged care facility.

“We’d be expecting the states and territories to be issuing public health orders if they [saw] fit, so I'll leave that to the states and territories,” he said.

“What’s important that the Federal Government does is provide a record of vaccination to Australians, should the need be there for Australians to use it.

“Australians need to have that record depending on state public health orders, but especially when travelling and when borders open up again.”

Mr. Robert said the Government was still working with other countries on how the vaccination certificate would work for international travel, but it was “highly likely” people coming to Australia would need a vaccination certificate or a period in quarantine.

Those who require a hard copy of the document will be able to access a printout from vaccine-providers and Services Australia offices.

Australia is not due to begin its mass vaccination process until later this month, with Pfizer’s experimental and abortion-tainted mRNA jab, but Prime Minister Scott Morrison has ambitious goals to get half the population vaccinated by June and almost all of the population by October.

To help deliver on his goal, Morrison announced that his government is spending $23.9 million on an “information campaign” that will attempt to convince Aussies to take the shots.

At the time of writing, the main incentive to receive the vaccine is the luxury of international travel. However, increasing reports of adverse reactions and deaths related to the Pfizer shot piling up from all over the world, and new reports say the current batch of vaccines is weak against the alleged South African mutation of the SARS-Cov-2 virus, to the point where the AstraZeneca shot’s rollout has been halted in South Africa.

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