By Michael Baggot

BRISBANE, Australia, April 18, 2008 ( – On Monday, the head of the Anglican Communion in Australia supported the headmaster of Anglican Grammar secondary school in forbidding male students from bringing their boyfriends to the school’s end of year dance.

After a few Year 12 male students asked to bring their boyfriends to the ball, headmaster Jonathan Hensman reaffirmed the school’s policy against same-sex partners, arguing that the dance’s primary aim is to provide a formal occasion for opposite sexes to interact.

“I have no personal objection to a school deciding to allow boys to take friends who are boys or girls to take friends who are girls to school formals,” Dr Aspinall, Anglican Archbishop of Brisbane, primate of the Australian community, and president of Anglican Grammar told ABC Radio told ABC radio.

“But I understand in this particular instance the school has decided that its approach is to emphasise the interaction of young men and young women and providing them with an opportunity to do that in this kind of formal setting. And I have no objection to that either. I think that’s a reasonable and legitimate approach.”

Hensman announced plans for the school council to further discuss its policy regarding dates at the dance.

The morality of homosexual relations continues to be a hotly contested issue within the Anglican community.