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(LifeSiteNews) Australian authorities have sentenced an anti-lockdown activist to eight months in prison for organizing protests and for traveling in violation of government restrictions.

“Anthony Khallouf, 29, one of the organisers of last month’s anti-lockdown protests and a key figurehead in the broader movement surrounding it, was arrested by police in Sydney on Thursday after travelling from Queensland in breach of public health orders,” the Guardian reported.

Law enforcement prosecuted him for “breaches of public health orders” which include “travelling from Queensland to Sydney” and involvement “planning an unauthorised protest for this weekend.” The court system bars public access to media representatives so it is not possible to see a copy of the criminal charges.

“He pleaded guilty to four counts of not complying with a direction relating to Covid-19, encouraging the commission of crimes, and false representation resulting in a police investigation,” the British publication reported. He faces up to eight months in prison, but can earn parole after three months.

Khallouf founded Australians vs. The Agenda, an activist group opposed to COVID restrictions.

“We fight for everyday Aussies who have been oppressed, arrested and charged by a tyrannical Australian Government that treats us like political prisoners and does not have our best interests in mind,” the group explains on its website.

It helped organize numerous protests in February against mandatory COVID vaccines across the country.

Australian officials have recently instructed their citizens to report all infringements of COVID regulations including those committed by neighbors and co-workers.

“If you see somebody not doing the right thing, please, report it,” New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian told people in July.

Australia’s new lockdown regime – Operation Stay At Home – employs many of the strategies of a military campaign, except instead of targeting foreign adversaries, officials have targeted Australian citizens.

The campaign includes  “a 21,000 personnel operation — including 18,000 police officers and 800 members of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) — to enforce public health order,” ABC News Australia reported.

The restrictions limit outside exercise to one hour per day and implements a 9 pm curfew.

There is also a vaccine mandate for childcare and for nurses caring for individuals with disabilities.

“Childcare workers and disability support workers who live or work in the LGAs of concern must have their first vaccination dose by 30 August,” the rules state.

The NSW Police Force has been empowered to lockdown apartment blocks while conducting COVID risk assessments. Should a residential premise be deemed a COVID-risk police have been empowered to require all people to present themselves for “compliance checks.”

Restaurants are closed for indoor dining and drinking. Theaters and indoor recreation facilities  are also closed. Churches, synagogues and temples are banned from hosting in-person services except for funerals, according to the restrictions for the Greater Sydney area.