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SYDNEY, Australia, November 24, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — A giant pornographic mural of Cardinal George Pell and former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott engaging in a homosexual act was painted over by outraged Catholics who called the mural a “direct attack on Christians or anyone who believes in a God.”

Last Friday, a day after the mural was painted over, a group of about 20 Catholics visited the site of the painted-out mural to pray the rosary in reparation. They knelt down opposite the painted-out mural and bowed their heads as they prayed. One young man wielding a thurible purified the area with holy incense (view photos here).

The mural was painted on a hotel wall in Sydney by pro-homosexual street artist Scott Marsh to celebrate Australia recently voting in favor of homosexual “marriage.” Both Abbott and the Cardinal are notable defenders of marriage between a man and a woman (Warning: graphic content – view full mural here). 

Titled “The Happy Ending,” the mural depicted Abbott as a bride with his left hand reaching down the topless Cardinal’s rainbow boxers. The mural was painted on the wall of the Botany View Hotel on November 15.

A 28-year-old Catholic named Charbel along with a friend took it upon themselves to cover the offending image with black paint as passers-by called them names such as “fat wog” and “bigot”.

Charbel called the mural “offensive to the general public” and “pornography.”

“This is homosexual activists saying we are here, we are loud and strong and when you oppose us we’ll accuse you of hate and not being reasonable and acceptable. What I want to know is, where’s our acceptance?” Charbel told the Daily Telegraph

The mural’s painter told reporters that he only intended his mural as a satirical piece in support of same-sex “marriage” and that he did not intend to target Catholic opposition to homosexuality. 

“I'm conscious of people's religions, I tried to make it about George Pell. That's why I didn't include any religious iconography.”

The mural included Pell wearing a clerical collar and zucchetto, signs that he is a consecrated celibate priest and a cardinal. 

One of the men who gathered at the painted-over mural to pray the rosary on Friday told The Australian that he wouldn’t want young children, such as his niece, exposed to the material.

“I’m all for freedom of speech — I think it’s what makes a country like ours great,” the man said. “But I also think it has to have a basic level of common decency and respect for one another.”

The man said the group was there to “pray peacefully and to pray for those we disagree with.”