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(LifeSiteNews) — An Australian doctor has gone public with microscopic images of unidentified objects that appear to be “self-assembling” from the contents of Pfizer’s COVID injection.

Family physician Dr. David Nixon recently shared dark field microscopy photos of “concerning” structures that appeared in Pfizer jab fluid over time and that seem to be the product of “intelligent design” in a Sunday episode of the International Crimes Investigative Committee (ICIC) co-hosted by the group’s founder, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and ex-Pfizer executive Dr. Michael Yeadon.

Nixon showed how boxy, dark structures, similar in shape to crystals but with “internal structures that appear to be different from … a naturally occurring crystal,” appeared on the periphery of the slide’s jab contents after he left it out overnight.

Remarkably, the formation of the crystalline structures appeared to depend on their exposure to electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs), according to Nixon. When he put the slide “inside a faraday bag” blocking EMFs he said came from his wireless router, he only saw black, round “dots.”

However, when he “didn’t shield the site,” only the angular, crystal-like formations “would appear the next morning.”

While discussing Nixon’s findings, Dr. Yeadon advised that further experiments were needed to ascertain if it was indeed the presence of EMFs, as opposed to other variables such as “temperature or air currents,” that affected the structures’ formation.

Other reports have been made that EMFs affect the formation of structures within the COVID jabs. Ecuador-based electrical engineer Matt Taylor testified on the Stew Peters show that when he put a drop of the COVID jab on a microscope slide and placed that slide on an internet router, he observed the self-assembly of what he believes “look like integrated circuits.”

According to Taylor, when he turned the router off, the objects “immediately” began to break apart. He repeated the experiment three times and “begg[ed]” people to reproduce his investigation to see if his findings can be replicated. In fact, Nixon indicated that Taylor had inspired his own test with the faraday bag.

Electrical engineer Shimon Yanowitz added during the ICIC discussion that he believes Nixon and Taylor’s work are “in corroboration with each other,” and that Nixon has observed “the exact same phenomena found by Matt Taylor,” except with the distinct appearance yielded by dark field microscopy.

Nixon went on to show that after leaving the injection fluid out on the slide for 10 weeks, the crystalline formations seemed to have morphed to take on the “appearance of a much more concerning nature.”

The structures Nixon showed maintained angular shapes, but now appeared to contain one or more bright light-reflecting points, in addition to other interior formations. The close-ups of these objects were photographed at 200x magnification, Nixon told LifeSiteNews.


The structures, which Nixon at this point describes as “chips,” were now present not only on the periphery of the slide’s jab contents but all throughout it.

Nixon shared with LifeSiteNews a video running at 200x speed that highlighted both relatively small and large lights that seemed to suddenly appear in the “chip.”

The chips were also “often associated with” new ribbon-like objects that Nixon now describes as “wires” — that is, they often appeared alongside the “wires.”

Nixon said on Friday that he has seen similar “wire” formations in the blood of the vaccinated and shared with LifeSiteNews a picture in which one can see clumping blood cells surrounding the “wire” with the “frayed edges” Nixon said are often present.

Another of Nixon’s remarkable findings was that he had “discovered all of these structures disappeared overnight,” “except for a couple.” He said that these remaining structures also “slowly disappeared” over time, and he showed a time-lapse video he captured of one of the crystalline objects in which it appeared to shrink until it disappeared.

He has shared video footage of this phenomenon on his website, noting that chips “literally melt away.”

While it is unclear to Nixon what the structures are and what their purpose is, he believes “it seems to be acting in a way that would suggest it’s electronic.”

Nixon told LifeSiteNews he has “spent hours” looking at his video footage “with IT and engineering colleagues,” and that they have drawn “comparisons with the electronic components that they are familiar with.”

Alexandra Latypova remarked in a prior statement to LifeSiteNews that while she cannot discern what Nixon’s findings are, “we know size alone is problematic since these are observable under standard optical microscope, so these are very large structures.”

Dr. Ana Maria Mihalcea pointed out during the ICIC group discussion that corroboration of Nixon’s findings is not easy to come by, since in the United States, for example, “it is a criminal offense to look at the Pfizer vials.”

“And so the people who are asking for rigorousness, which would be [a] university-setting type of scientific elaboration, we cannot provide this … It should be the pharmaceutical companies, the FDA and the CDC who prove or disprove us and really show that they are doing the studies to say, ‘What is this?’”

“Because we … don’t even have the means to be able to do this with a scientific rigor that would be acceptable to the scientists who are denying this possibility,” Mihalcea remarked.

Interestingly, at least two electrical engineers — Yanowitz and Taylor — believe that what they have seen in the COVID injections under a microscope looks like electronic “circuits,” and they and others have also described findings of “self-assembling” jab structures.

Yanowitz, who cited “a lot of background in microscopy and microelectronic fabrication,” asserted regarding Nixon’s findings that “when you look at this thing from the point of view of an electrical engineer, you have nothing but to assume that this is an electronic circuit that is self-assembling right before your eyes.”

I also have to say that on my side, I found in addition to what seems like electronics, I found other structures self-assembling,” Yanowitz said.

“So this is not just the materials and the excipients that are in those vials. It’s this amazingly advanced technology that seems to make new things out of these materials and excipients,” he added.

Among other unidentified objects from the COVID jab that he said “could be ribbons, filaments, [and] tubes” of some kind, Yanowitz captured images of what he called “electronic circuitry,” which he again emphasized was not visible in the vial itself but appeared from the contents of the vial over time after what he asserted was a “self-assembly” process.

Yanowitz said he had placed the vial contents in an “actual incubator of body temperature,” which​ “did speed up the self-assembly by quite a bit.”

Dr. Carrie Madej, who examined the contents of different COVID jabs under the microscope from different manufacturers, has also observed what she referred to as the “self-assembling” of unidentified objects from the Moderna injection.

In the Pfizer jab, Madej saw “something that looks similar to teslaphoresis,” which is “when these little graphite-like black, metallic particles start to coalesce into strings, like a spider web. They do that through any external force — it could be light, it could be a magnetic force, it could be an impulse, like a frequency.”

Karen Kingston, who used to do marketing work for Pfizer, pointed out Sunday that “80 percent” of the “ingredients, the manufacturing process, and the toxicity” of the COVID jabs was “redacted under the FDA law since it was approved.”

“We have the right under FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) to know what those ingredients are. These are not biologics,” Kingston said.

“So any expert who’s saying they’re 100 percent confident there’s no nanotechnology or devices or graphene oxide in here, how do they know when 80 percent of the ingredients are redacted?” she added.

Dr. Fuellmich highlighted Kingston’s point and the legal importance of the uncertainty of what exactly these COVID jab structures are.

What we do know is that this stuff doesn’t belong in there,” said Fuellmich, going on to point out that informed consent to the injections is impossible without knowledge of their full contents.

“You cannot consent to something that you don’t know anything about. Information is everything,” Fuellmich went on.

Concern over the safety of the COVID jabs has been increasing not only as reports of death and injury directly in response to the injections are being made via the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) but also as excess deaths have spiked considerably since the rollout of the COVID injections in 2021.

Last January, Scott Davison, the president of OneAmerica insurance in Indianapolis, highlighted the industry’s astonishing 40% increase in 2021 third-quarter death rates, which were the highest the company has “seen in the history of the business.”

“Just to give you an idea of how bad that is, a three-sigma or a one-in-200-year catastrophe would be 10% increase over pre-pandemic,” he said. “So, 40% is just unheard of.”

Entrepreneur-turned-journalist Steve Kirsch has explained such a catastrophe would only happen by pure chance every 2.8e32 years, which is “basically never.”