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VICTORIA, Australia (LifeSiteNews) — A short COVID-19 vaccine video ad produced by the Victoria state government aimed at young people goes much further than that, encouraging the undermining of parental authority while also promoting the grooming of young innocent girls by older “butch” women for lesbian relationships.   

The government-funded TikTok ad features two face-masked females on a date. One is a naive, feminine young girl in a dress, while the 46-year-old butch woman grooming the girl is dressed in dark overalls.  

When the employee manning the movie theater box office asks for their “vaccination certificates” before granting them entrance, the woman immediately offers proof via her smartphone, while the girl sheepishly explains “Um, my parents haven’t let me get vaccinated yet.”    

The woman challenges her, “I mean, you’re older than 14, you don’t actually need to get their permission.  Wanna go do it now, go on a vax date?”  

“That sounds fun,” responds the clapping girl as the much older woman pulls her along. By doing so the older lesbian is symbolically pulling the innocent young girl out from the protection of her parent’s authority. 

After the young girl receives the abortion-tainted vaccine jab from a female, presumably Muslim, attendant, all three do triumphant hair flips. The female groomer and the girl then skip hand-in-hand out of the clinic along a rainbow-colored carpet runner, indicating that the clinic is LGBT-oriented.   

“Live, Love, Jab for more cute dates in your life,” declares a caption plastered across the scene.   

“This Australian propaganda video checks every box,” noted Twitter user Patrick Basedman.  

“They/thems are saying ‘it’s not propaganda’ or ‘this is satire’ or ‘it’s just a TikTok,’” he wrote in a subsequent Tweet. 

“No, it’s government-funded propaganda aimed at children,” he pointed out. 

“Is it implied that the groomed girl that got vaxxed [is] underage? The groomer was born in 1975,” pointed out Twitter user Heisei-kun who included a close up screenshot of the groomer’s smartphone vaccine certificate, showing her birthdate to be July 10, 1975.  

If the girl is a young teen just over 14 years old, that means that there is a 30-plus year age difference between her and the woman grooming her.   

The normal term for an adult who preys upon teens in such a way is “pederast,” an adult who engages in sexual activity with a youth.  

The video ad was produced by the Youth Affairs Council Victoria (YACVic), whose mission is to “uphold the rights of all young Victorians.”  

“It is safer for young people to be vaccinated than it is for them to catch COVID-19,” claimed YACVic in a just-released statement responding to negative coverage of the social media video ad, though their claim has been refuted by recent studies.

“The video also highlights that young people can get vaccinated in groups, where they may feel more comfortable and supported to do so. This can be done as a family, but can also be done with friends,” continues the statement, which further serves to untether teens from their parents’ protection against the vaccine, which is increasingly being shown to have adverse medical side effects on young people.   

The bottom-line message from the Victoria, Australia government is that teens should trust homosexual pederasts more than they trust their own parents.