Australian PM Opposes Homosexual Adoption

Fri Jun 8, 2007 - 12:15 pm EST

By Gudrun Schultz

Australian PM John HowardMELBOURNE, Australia, June 8, 2007, ( - Australian Prime Minister John Howard said he does not support homosexual adoption of children, speaking on Southern Cross radio earlier today. PM Howard said heterosexual adoption was in the best interests of children.

“It gives children the best opportunity in life,” he said, according to a report in the Herald Sun earlier today. “I know for some that sounds harsh. I don’t think it’s harsh, I think it’s something that most people believe is the desired, the ideal outcome.”

The prime minister’s comments follow yesterday’s recommendation from the Victorian Law Reform Commission urging the Victorian parliament to allow homosexual couples to adopt and to grant lesbian women access to IVF procedures.

The law in the state currently prevents homosexual couples from adopting, and limits IVF treatment to women who are medically infertile. The Commission wants to see lesbian women have access to IVF whether or not they are physically able to conceive naturally.

Legislation permitting homosexual adoption was passed in the Australian Capital Territory in 2003, following similar legislation in the state of Western Australia. The ACT introduced legislation last year that would grant homosexual couples access to civil unions.

PM Howard has consistently opposed efforts to bring in pro-homosexual legislation, taking a strong stand against gay marriage and adoption.

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