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MELBOURNE, Australia (LifeSiteNews) — In a bombshell interview Friday, Acting Police Sergeant Krystie Mitchell resigned effective immediately from Victoria Police after 16 years of service. Mitchell revealed that the state government’s policy of violently suppressing Australian citizens was due to the growing influence of Victorian Premier Dan Andrews’ over law enforcement, using it as a tool to maintain authoritarian public health orders on the “most locked down city in the world”.

In her interview, Mitchell also warned that hundreds of fellow officers are finally refusing to cooperate with unethical orders from their superiors and are ready to resist.

In her interview with host Matthew Wong from The Discernable Interviews, Mitchell spoke about her hesitation to express her discontent due to fears of retaliation, stating, “The consequences of me being here today, is that I will be resigning from Victoria Police, effective the end of this interview because the consequences of me coming out publicly would be dismissal.”

“I’m choosing to quit because I can’t remedy in my soul anymore the way in which my organisation — which I loved to work for — is being used, and the damage that it’s causing to the reputation of Victoria Police and the damage that it’s causing to the community,” she added.

The Australian state of Victoria has transformed into an Orwellian police state following ongoing protests against lockdowns and vaccine mandates. As a consequence, Victoria Police have gained international notoriety due to their violent suppression of protesters and dissidents who dare to criticize the government’s descent into authoritarianism.

Mitchell alluded to Victoria Police’s use of unprecedented tactics on Australian citizens. These include the indefinite closure of businesses, the closure of state borders, the imposition of a no-fly order over the city of Melbourne in order to prevent live footage of police activities by media helicopters, the use of agents provocateurs to subvert protesters, the use of heavily armed paramilitary police and counter terrorism units, the parading of armored vehicles within the Melbourne CBD, police brutality against unsuspecting or incapacitated victims, the firing of rubber bullets indiscriminately at unarmed protesters at close proximity leading to serious injury, and the arrest of protesters or political dissidents using facial recognition technology or social media activity.

In response to these authoritarian displays, Mitchell stated, “I think that the reason or the issue in why perhaps police feel are either feeling more emboldened to act the way that they are in relation to these CHO directions is because of the messaging that comes from Dan [Andrews]. He’s the premier of our state and he tells us what to do on a daily basis.”

Mitchell continued, “I hate this divisive language that is being used. Calling protests illegal I just think is ridiculous. The only reason that protests are illegal is because Daniel Andrews made it so. By Daniel Andrews making protests illegal, he is responsible for the increase in violence that has occurred as a result from police and from protesters. By making it illegal, Daniel Andrews, in my opinion, has escalated the violence.”

Mitchell referred to growing discontent among police officers who are being forced — and even threatened — to comply with Andrews’ public health orders. Mitchell explained that police officers have been silenced, and that officers risk being terminated if they express insubordination or show support for anti-government positions. In addition, due to recent changes to their code of practice, Mitchell revealed that police officers have been effectively banned from posting political content on personal social media accounts.

“All of my friends that are police officers working the frontline and are suffering every day enforcing CHO [Chief Health Officer] directions that the vast majority, certainly a great majority, don’t believe in and don’t want to enforce,” stated Mitchell.

The growing discontent among police officers was captured in live footage during a heated exchange between a protester and a police officer whose identity was concealed by paramilitary equipment.

After facing a barrage of questions regarding the justification for the violent police response, the unidentified police officer stated, “Just go home, alright. We get paid to do this mate. I’m just as over this f—ing protest as you are. And by protest I mean lockdowns.”

The officer continued, “My wife’s in the same position. She’s out of a job at the moment. I understand,” then reluctantly concluded, “That’s what I get paid to do.”

The violent suppression of anti-lockdown protests and authoritarian public health orders have been attributed to Victorian Premier Dan Andrews, who is currently under investigation by the Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commision (IBAC). It is alleged that Andrews is involved in the misuse of public funds to branch-stack the Labour party, which is in the process of recruiting and positioning large numbers of loyal individuals within a party in exchange for support for a particular policy or agenda.

Critics have speculated that this investigation may extend beyond COVID-related public health orders, and may expose Dan Andrews’ ‘Belt and Road’ deal with the Chinese Communist Party.