BRISBANE, Australia, March 31, 2014 ( – A Brisbane 40 Days For Life participant has come up with a novel approach to getting abortion workers to consider leaving the industry, and all without having to say a word.

It started when Teresa Martin was praying outside the Bowen Hills Marie Stopes abortion facility.  Some of the staff individually commented as they left for the day, “Don't you have something better to do?” Martin replied to the workers, “There are better places to work than here,” and encouraged them to do a Google search for Abby Johnson. 

Johnson was a Planned Parenthood clinic director who left the industry in October 2009, “and if she can do it then these girls can do it too,” Martin said.


According to Martin, “Google Abby Johnson” is a simple statement and everyone knows how to do it.  On a t-shirt it's only three words that can easily be read by someone walking or driving past.  “Curiosity will get the better of people who know nothing of her, and will be inclined to then start their own voyage of discovery.”  Many people in Australia have internet-enabled mobile phones and could do the search straight away.

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“The best thing is that when we are praying outside a facility, our backs are often to the building.  We would assume that whenever the staff look out through the window to see if we are present, they can't help but read the t-shirts,” she said.

Martin, who is also the president of Cherish Life Queensland, had an initial short run of t-shirts digitally printed and was able to put them to work a few days later.  She has made the shirt artwork available for anyone who wants to produce their own.

“We can't really measure the end result, but we believe people's natural curiosity will cause at least some of them to want to know who Abby Johnson is,” she said, adding that via a 40 Days For Life involvement this could then be responsible for abortion facilities to shut down due to a lack of staff.  “Others could simply discover how bad abortion is, even if they normally had no interest in the subject,” she added.

Abby Johnson now has her own organization, And Then There Were None, which gives emotional, spiritual, legal and financial support to abortion workers who leave the industry.