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May 25, 2021 (FamilyVoice Australia) — Members of the Australian Defence Force have been told to use the term ‘partner’ instead of ‘’husband or ‘wife’ and ask colleagues “what is your pronoun” is politically correctness gone made.

The International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Interphobia and Transphobia (IDAHOBIT) launched this week is an insult and divisive for most Australians (in fact 97%) who identify, and rightly so, as husbands (male) and wives (female).

The directive to defence force members that they should wear rainbow colors is like putting a target on your back in times of war.

Let’s acknowledge that 97% of the Australian population is indeed heterosexual (straight) and is the norm. To avoid using language such as ‘wife’ or ‘husband’ insults all families who Dads and Mums and identify as husbands and wives.

“FamilyVoice supports the former soldier Bernard Gaynor who was persecuted by the Defence Force for speaking out against political correctness in the armed services believes the Australian Defence Force does not have its priorities straight,” said Greg Bondar, spokesman for FamilyVoice Australia.

With military conflict worldwide one can only agree with exasperated former military officer Bernard Gaynor who said: “Our generals and military leaders have become an absolute joke.” Let our dedicated do their job without having to focus unnecessary LGBTIQA+ language.

“The choice of ‘Pronouns’ do nothing for our military security,” added Greg Bondar.

Let’s promote words like “hero” and “loyalty” rather than spurious pronouns that do nothing for the dignity of the 97% mums and dads who identify as husbands and wives.

The article was published as a press release by FamilyVoice Australia.