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SYDNEY, Australia, July 28, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — Australians have reported their fellow citizens to authorities more than 5,500 times after Saturday’s anti-lockdown and medical freedom protest in Sydney.

The reports were made to Crime Stoppers, a website where individuals can file anonymous crime reports with authorities. At least 63 protestors are charged with assaulting officers and police horses, and damaging public property, according to CNN.

More than 500 people have been fined for breaking the health orders in place, which forbid large gatherings and mandate masks.

New South Wales police minister, David Elliott, announced the formation of a strike force “which will see 22 detectives work from now until whenever it concludes, identifying as many people as possible who attended [the] incident and have them charged.”

Elliott praised those who reported on their fellow citizens and urged more witnesses to come forward. “That’s a great start … My appeal to everybody who has information: please don’t give up.”

Elliott claimed that protestors have a “moral obligation” to self-isolate and be tested for COVID, in case they contracted the disease at the protest.

He appealed to protestors’ sense of virtue and urged repentance. “So, you did the wrong thing yesterday, do the right thing by your families today. Get tested and isolated,” he said.

Elliott labeled those participating in the protest as “morons,” Crux reported. He also called them “very selfish.”

The month-long lockdown in Sydney was recently extended to last another month just after the protest.

Australians in Greater Sydney are currently barred from leaving home except to buy food, to seek medical assistance, for an “essential,” in-person job, or to exercise with no more than one other person. Browsing in stores is banned, as are weddings.

An apartment block in Blacktown in western Sydney is under a stricter lockdown, with residents unable to leave and guarded by police and private security, after six residents tested positive for COVID.

There have been 918 deaths from COVID in the entire region of New South Wales, in which the city is located, ever since March 2020. The population of New South Wales is over 8 million.

Sydney protestors were only a fraction of the hundreds of thousands of people rallying on July 24 against their government lockdowns across Australia and in France, Britain, Italy, and other nations.