CANBERRA, May 9, 2003 ( – The Australian Capital Territory’s Labor Party government has made ACT the country’s second jurisdiction, after the state of Western Australia, to sanction homosexual adoption, and to declare the move a human rights achievement.  ACT Chief Minister Jon Stanhope called it the removal of “discrimination,” something that had “long been part of the ACT Australian Labor Party platform,” ensuring “there is no legislative discrimination against same sex couples, transgender intersex people,” based on “our strong belief that everyone is entitled to respect and dignity and the right to participate in society and receive the full protection of the law regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identification.”  As usual, a child’s right to have a natural mother-father family, or at least a heterosexual single parent (either of which is widely seen as preferable), was totally obscured by the pretence that “the paramount consideration in every case is the welfare and interests of the child.” Nor was Stanhope asked to explain why the “respect and dignity” of homosexuals requires placing children under their control.  For local coverage:,7034,6405245%255E421,00.html