TORONTO, March 25, 2002 ( – The President of the Canadian Auto Workers union has raised the specter of dragging a Catholic school board through the Human Rights Commission over its decision to forbid a male student from bring his homosexual “boyfriend” to a school prom.

The open letter endorsed by the Auto Workers union National Executive Board, and signed by CAW President Basil ‘Buzz’ Hargrove, describes the union’s pro-homosexual activism. The letter, addressed to Michael Powers, principal of Monsignor John Pereyma Catholic Secondary School in Oshawa where the controversy occurred, explained the actions of the CAW noting: “We are honoured and proud to work alongside them (the homosexual student and his supporters) as they push for recognition and rights for gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people.”

The CAW warns: “As you are no doubt aware, the school board can drag this issue out through the Human Rights Commission. It may take two or ten years and a lot of wasted resources. Rest assured, in that time society will continue to move forward, and the Catholic school board will lose relevancy.”

Commenting on the letter, Michael Connell, of the Canadian Catholic Civil Rights League told LifeSite, “Tragically, by attempting to bully the Church, the CAW betrays the Church’s historical support that was instrumental in helping unions build their credibility. It would appear that the time has arrived when Catholics will need to address their ability in good conscience to remain members of an organization which works to subvert their religious rights.”

Connell was not surprised by the CAW attack on the Church, recalling that Kathleen Howes, the Canadian representative of the vehemently anti-Catholic group ‘Catholics for a Free Choice’ is a lawyer for the Canadian Auto Workers.


See the full letter by the CAW: