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May 18, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) – The Avengers’ writer/director Joss Whedon has created a short—2 minutes, 55 seconds—video displaying his dystopian vision of a world without Planned Parenthood.

Titled Unlocked, the video seeks to show what a grim, hostile world this would be if Planned Parenthood were to have to shutter its doors because it lacked funding.

Whedon said:

If politicians succeed in shutting down Planned Parenthood, millions of people lose access to basic health services. STD testing, birth control, cancer screenings…how can these be at risk? UNLOCKED is about what a world without Planned Parenthood would look like, which is truly dire. I’ve supported Planned Parenthood in the past, but until I worked with them closely on this, I didn’t understand how many services they — and for some, they alone — provide.

The progressive Hollywood director tells the story of three women, showing alternative outcomes for each of their lives, with and without Planned Parenthood.  

With Planned Parenthood they are happy, fulfilled, living self-actualized lives, surrounded by smiling loved ones.  Without it, their lives are decimated. They each become victims, unable to go to college, powerless to save from their friends from STDs, or dying of cancer, despite the fact they can afford to live in homes with beautiful sweeping staircases and have expansive kitchens with beveled-edge granite countertops, stainless steel appliances and raised-panel, solid cherry wood cabinetry.

The errant emotional message delivered is “Planned Parenthood empowers women.”

The scope of the movie did not similarly include the dystopian futures of the unborn children who pass through Planned Parenthood’s unlocked doors.  

Preceding the release of the video, on Mother’s Day Whedon tweeted the loving message, “Today I gratefully give my mother the gift of having been dead for 25 years and not having to see what a tub of f***ery our country’s become.”  

Three weeks previous to that, he attacked via Twitter the appearance of teen cancer survivors as they shook hands with U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan on the west portico of the U.S. Capitol, describing the valiant young women as “Not a 10.”

In the end, he tweeted, “So I tweeted something that inadvertently offended everyone except the people I was trying to offend.”