HALIFAX, NS, Mar 9 (LSN) – Canadian pro-life hero and former MP Roseanne Skoke, is once again on the campaign trail seeking to unseat Tory MLA John Hamm for the riding of Pictou Centre in Nova Scotia. Roseanne was last year' s recipient of the Joseph P. Borowski pro-  life award for politicians. She was ousted from the federal Liberal party last year by a ferocious campaign of anti-life and anti-family groups when riding redistribution required her to compete for for the party nomination with another Liberal MP.  Roseanne's bid for election is hampered by the 25-year-long Tory reign in the riding.  However, Tory support seems to be waning since current MLA and Tory leader John Hamm won the election in 1993 by only 476 votes over the Liberal contender. The riding had 13,382 eligible voters in 1993