LLANDUDNO, England, July 6, 2004 ( – The British Medical Association decided recently that babies born alive after an attempted abortion should be given the same care and treatment as other infants. Delegates at the Association’s annual conference in Llandudno voted for the motion by a majority of 65%,

The motion was proposed by medical student Ibukumoluwago Adedugbe from Imperial College London, who said that “If a child is alive then it surely has rights.” Comparing babies born alive after an abortion to premature babies, she cited the case of a baby who lived unsustained by life support for three days. “Anyone who has been near a screaming baby or heard a baby gasp for breath must realize this must have been traumatic for the healthcare professionals involved – that is to find themselves having to ignore this for three days,” she said.  See the Daily Post:—deserve-life—name_page.html   pj