Monday January 18, 2010

Baby Blue Laces Campaign Raises Funds For Pro-Life Organizations

By Thaddeus M. Baklinski

January 18, 2010 ( – Baby Blue Laces for Life is a new pro-life awareness campaign with the two-fold focus of encouraging pro-lifers to show where they stand on life issues, and to raise money for pro-life non-profit organizations and crisis pregnancy centers in financial need.

The founder of Baby Blue Laces for Life, David Pico, told that the campaign has quickly gained interest, exposure, and support from pro-life communities nationwide.

“By wearing shoelaces in a baby blue color with the words “Laces for Life” printed on them, pro-lifers have a soft, but highly visibly, and non-intrusive way to stand up for life,” Mr. Pico explained. “Without saying a word, you can show the people with whom you come in contact each day that life is precious and worth standing up for.”

“In addition to raising awareness through the laces,” Mr. Pico added, “this puts the organization in a position to be able to raise proceeds as well.”

“Going into 2010, Baby Blue Laces for Life looks to help fill in the gaps where donations have fallen due to economic downturn for pro-life non-profit organizations, and most importantly raise awareness for pro-life issues.”

Baby Blue Laces for Life may be ordered from the organization’s website here.

For more information contact:

David Pico, Director, Baby Blue Laces for Life

P.O. Box 25475

Colorado Springs, CO 80936 USA

Email: [email protected]