Baby found outside fire station becomes adoptive parents’ miracle

Thanks to a firefighter's early morning workout and Washington's 'Safe Haven' law, a baby found a loving home.
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Fr. Mark Hodges By Fr. Mark Hodges

Fr. Mark Hodges By Fr. Mark Hodges

YAKIMA, Washington, September 27, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) — Early on a freezing cold Christmas Eve morning, Firefighter Joanna Albrecht rolled out of bed and went to exercise in the Yakima fire station's weight room.

Her workout saved a newborn baby's life.

Albrecht heard something — or someone — outside the exercise room door. There, in the bitter cold, she found a baby in a box, crying.

The tiny girl's arms and legs were cold, but her belly was still warm. Albrecht rushed the child to be treated for hypothermia and to receive nutrition intravenously.

The infant not only survived but proved in robust health. She was temporarily placed in the care of foster parents Travis and Miranda Welch, youth pastors at Yakima Evangelical Church, who found a place in their hearts for her from the start.

Last week, the family celebrated the official adoption of little Eve Welch, whom they call their "miracle."

The Welchs, who struggled for seven years to conceive a child, celebrated Eve's adoption by taking her to the fire station where she was saved and reuniting her with Albrecht.

Albrecht told the Yakima Herald that if she had skipped her 6 a.m. exercise routine, the baby probably would have frozen to death because the door where she was found had no doorbell and was on the far side of the station from crew quarters.

The firefighter took her heroic action in humble stride. "I was in the right place at the right time," she said.

Washington's “Safe Haven” law allows mothers to drop off a baby at fire stations or emergency rooms no questions asked, but the mother is required to verify that a firefighter or hospital worker is present to take the baby.

Miranda keeps a scrapbook of newspaper clippings about Eve's rescue, along with a letter  Albrecht wrote to Eve. “I want her to be aware of what a miracle she is,” Welch said.

"Mothers who prioritize the needs of their children and pursue adoptive placement are about as brave and selfless as they come," one adoption agency worker told LifeSiteNews. "My prayer is that the mother who chose the firehouse as a means of choosing life will have peace that her child is deeply loved."

"No doubt, this adoptive family feels blessed beyond belief that they were chosen to raise this sweet baby," the adoption worker said. "For any adoptive family, being chosen to raise a child is an exciting privilege. The joy and excitement of becoming parents after infertility is almost palpable.

“After all, adoption was God's idea.”

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