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Oct. 4, 2013 ( – Yet another Chinese couple has stepped forward to tell of undergoing a brutal forced abortion at the hands of the country’s family planning officials, and this time the couple has photographic evidence, including photos of the fully formed body of their dead baby son.

In an emotional video interview with Sky News, Liu Xinwen described how a group of 20 officials burst into her and her husband’s home at four o’clock in the morning about a week ago. While her husband, Zhou Guoqiang, was restrained, she was taken to the People's Hospital of Fangzi District in Weifang City, where she was injected with abortion-causing drugs.

Once Mr. Zhou was able to track his wife down at the hospital, he recalls asking her, “Have you been injected?” She answered “yes.” He then asked if the baby was still moving. “Not much,” she replied. 


The couple’s baby, a little boy at six months gestation, was expelled from Liu’s body, dead, a day later.

Mr. Zhou took photos from inside the hospital room, including of their son in a bucket beside her bed. Sky News did not provide those latter photos, which it described as “almost indescribably graphic.”

“His nose, ears, mouth, and hands…they are all there,” he says, beginning to sob. “It is my baby that I have lost.”

“I miss him,” Liu told the Sky News team, as she lay on her side, sobbing in bed. “I didn't get to see him. I would be even more upset if I had seen him.”

“Baby, I'm sorry. We were not meant to be. You rest in peace in heaven. We will pray for you. We hope your next life is better.”  


Liu’s baby was aborted under China’s One Child Policy, which allows most couples to have only one child. Those who violate the policy are subject to crippling fines, and forced sterilizations and abortions.

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“Our hearts are broken for this couple in the violent loss of their child,” said Reggie Littlejohn, President of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, a human rights group that fights the One Child Policy.  “Their experience demonstrates once again the violence of China’s One Child Policy – having their door kicked in by more than a dozen Family Planning Officials, dragged off in the middle of the night and forcibly aborted at six months of pregnancy.

“Sadly, they are not alone.  The Chinese government will forcibly abort women up to the ninth month of pregnancy. These forced abortions are sometimes so violent that the women themselves die along with their full term babies.  Forced abortion is official government rape.”

Littlejohn said that while a handful of couples have managed to tell their stories publicly, there are undoubtedly thousands, if not millions more “who suffer the same fate silently.”