BALTIMORE, Maryland, Feb 4 (LifeSiteNews) – The Maryland-based Anatomic Gift Foundation (AGF), a baby parts harvesting and marketing company founded and lead by Brenda and Jim Bardsley has announced that it will no longer sell aborted baby parts.  A press release issued by AGF noted that it would “no longer procure or provide human tissue derived from elective pregnancy terminations for research and education.”  Life Dynamics, the US pro-life organization which first exposed the baby parts story reported in a January “LifeTalk” video magazine that AGF did not go repenting but rather quit the business because of severe pressure from pro-life forces.

In November LifeSite urged readers to contact AGF to ask them to “get out of this morbid business.”  LifeSite encourages readers to write the company to thank them for their decision to abandon the baby parts business.

Email the Anatomic Gift Foundation at:  [email protected]

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