TORONTO, Aug 27 (LSN) – Providing hard evidence of the unbelievable yet sadly true story of the marketing of aborted baby parts, Campaign Life Coalition has reproduced the full baby parts price list from the Opening Lines company.  In a press release on the recently exposed trade in aborted baby body parts, the Canadian pro-life group issued a national alert. “Does society know that Canadian researchers sort through aborted bodies obtained from local abortion sites and ship body parts, eyes, hearts,  livers and cardiac blood to research facilities throughout the country?” asked CLC in it press release. They noted that the infanticide method known as partial birth abortion is the way researchers obtain “ideal research specimens.”  CLC demands that the use of body parts from aborted babies cease, that cross-border trade in these body parts be stopped, and that the grisly profiteers in this enterprise be prevented from operating in Canada.  See the price list in pdf format at:,99grislytrade.pdf