Thursday September 10, 1998


Another Rotten Fruit of In Vitro Fertilization

FAIRFAX, VA, Sept 10 (LSN) – Researchers at the Genetics & IVF Institute in Fairfax, Virginia announced yesterday that they are marketing their newly developed method of sperm sifting in order to allowing customers to select the sex of their babies. Using genetic techniques developed in the breeding of animals, scientists with the help of a laser are able to differentiate between sperm carrying a Y chromosome (producing males) and those carrying X chromosomes (the Y chromosome posses about 2.8% less genetic material).

The IVF company advertises their “MicroSort” service for couples “for prevention of sex-linked diseases and for family balancing (gender selection).” The company notes that the process is not 100% successful, but boasts that the procedure has successfully produced girls on demand in 6 out of 7 attempts and boys in 2 out of three tries.

American Life League President Judie Brown observed that, “a further erosion of the traditional family occurs when man intervenes for the express purpose of providing would-be parents with options involved in selecting only perfect, designer-made-to-order children.” The Washington Post today noted that “sex selection may also be used to reinforce social or cultural biases. In China, India and Taiwan, for example, where boys are generally valued more highly than girls, studies have shown that the introduction of even low-tech sex selection techniques (such as ultrasound imaging to detect girl fetuses, which can then be aborted) has led increasingly to skewed birth rates, with many more boys being born than girls.” “Sex selection has also led to a proliferation of specific sibling patterns in families with girls generally having older brothers, but boys rarely growing up with older sisters since those potential sisters were aborted or killed until a boy was born,” said the Post.

“Nature’s way cannot be improved by man’s technological advances, but families can be destroyed through a process that robs the unitive and procreative aspects of the marriage act of its integrity by playing fast and loose with variables that only God has the authority to deign proper,” said Mrs. Brown.

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