CHICAGO, Aug 16 ( – Scientists at the Reproductive Genetics Institute in Chicago are creating and killing dozens of human embryos in an effort to produce a well-matched sibling for an ill child. The couple’s 4-year-old daughter suffers from Fanconi anaemia, a bone marrow disorder, and the blood from the umbilical cord of an identically matched sibling could make a bone marrow transplant successful. In order to make such a sibling, the scientists are creating multiple embryos for the couple and then killing off those which are not matched properly.

Dr. Charles Strom, a medical geneticist at the Reproductive Genetics Institute located at Illinois Masonic Medical Center, explained that their procedure produces “16, 17 or 18 embryos at a time” and thus allows for selection of embryos with desired traits, the rest to be “destroyed.” Two unsuccessful attempts so far at embryo transfer into the woman’s womb have failed to result in implantation.  

With files from Pro-Life E-News Canada.